China, Crystal, Flatware & Linens – Interior Design

When you think of an interior designer, what comes to mind? Most people probably think of someone who helps them choose paint colors or wallpaper, furniture, upholstery, window treatments, and floor coverings. Most people probably do not think of someone helping them with details like china, crystal, flatware, and table linens.

JWB Interiors proudly helps all our clients with every aspect of making their home into an environment they always wanted but never dreamed possible…down to the last minute detail.

Selecting china, crystal, flatware, and table linens is a very important part of tying your kitchen, dining, and even living areas together into one harmonious and beautiful package. We are here to help! John Benecke will help you find the perfect dining pieces for entertaining guests in your home.

Contact us today – we look forward to assisting you! We proudly serve Rancho Santa Fe, Pasadena, Westwood, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Beverly Hills, and surrounding areas.