Choosing Color Theme with an Interior Designer

It is no secret that colors can make or break the interior design experience. Colors change feelings and set moods. They can also affect spacial awareness, making a room seem smaller or larger than it is; perceived temperature, making a room feel warmer or cooler than it is; energize static spaces; or provide a romantic or mysterious feel.

Colors are the simplest, dramatic change you can make to your home. 

What color palette you choose for your home reflects your personal style and taste, the rooms and spaces you are decorating, and the functions of those areas. Since color theme is often the starting point to interior design, choosing colors definitely calls for an expert.

John Benecke is known for his ability to choose surprising color schemes that create the precise environment his clients are after. With JWB Interiors, you will achieve the home of your dreams, starting with a beautiful color scheme!

We specialize in the following areas:

  • Interior Color Palettes – to compliment your home and reflect your personality
  • Paint Colors – that provide an exciting, yet inviting feel to your home
  • Color Flow – colors are compatible with one another, creating a harmonious environment
  • Color Combinations – Main colors, Secondary colors and Accent colors

Contact JWB Interiors today to get started on your new color scheme. We proudly serve Orange County, Los Angeles, and the surrounding areas. We look forward to working with you!