Our Process

Is Hiring an Interior Designer for You?

JWB Interiors understands the decision to bring in a professional interior designer is an important one. Interior design is a very personal business, as you invite someone into your home and private space. We approach our clients with respect, friendliness, professionalism – and we are committed to making the process as easy, convenient, and FUN as possible!


In-Home Consultation

Our first order of business is to schedule your free in-home consultation. It is important for us to get a feel for your personality, your style, and your tastes for design and décor. It is equally important for you to learn who we are and to feel comfortable with us. Choosing an interior designer is a very personal decision, and ensuring our clients have a pleasant experience from concept to completion is of utmost importance to us. 

During this first meeting, we will discuss how your rooms are used, how the redecorated space incorporates the rest of your home, your budget, approval processes, schedules, and milestones you can expect during the process. And of course, anything else we need to take into consideration, such as incorporating existing furniture, artwork, colors, and so on.


Second Meeting

Next, our expert designer, John Benecke takes your vision and enhances it. After some initial shopping, he will formulate a first draft project plan. This is based on what he has learned from you and the style of your home, and usually contains a floor plan with the new furniture layout, as well as furniture photos, fabrics and color ideas.

John will present his ideas to you in a second in-person meeting to get your thoughts, responses – and to get the creativity flowing! We want you to be EXCITED and involved – not overwhelmed – at the endless possibilities for your home!



We will carefully draft a proposal that is as detailed as possible during the early stages of an interior design project. Having guided homeowners through this process for over 30 years, we understand the need to be flexible and adapt to the changes and challenges that arise. Our clients keep us on our toes, and we love it!

Note: Choosing the right colors, textures, furniture, décor, etc. is personal and subjective; clients often change their preferences as their project unfolds.

It is our policy at JWB Interiors to inform the client of their design project every step of the way and not make any purchases without the client’s prior written approval. It is our job and our goal to make your dreams come true. We garner incredible satisfaction from knowing we have created a living environment that surpasses your wildest expectations and is something you can be immensely proud of.



A huge part of the interior design process is shopping. Our clients are welcome to join us on shopping excursions; however, we can do all of the shopping ourselves and present our findings to you if you prefer. Whatever makes the process as pleasant, convenient, and low-stress for you!

No decisions or purchases are made without the client’s prior approval.


It’s a Process…

…and it can be an enjoyable one! We pledge to be patient and flexible every step of the way, to listen to your wants and needs, to communicate openly and honestly, and to create a beautiful environment that exceeds your wildest expectations – yet is something comfortable, inviting, and so uniquely YOU, that you are proud to call it your own.

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