“We’ve had several rewarding design experiences with John.  He has a wonderful eye for space and design and, unlike some other designers we have worked with in the past, also listens to what the client wants – an often neglected part of the equation!

Over 10 years ago, John helped us complete our build out and design for our new high-rise condo.  We needed an interior design of contemporary minimalism to complement a rather eclectic art collection, and the choices he made were perfect.  As importantly he worked with contractors, interior lighting specialists, and the constraints of the building’s walls and ceilings to create a wonderful feel and flow for our home. Redesigning the entryway, the dining room and the bathroom helped to make our unit into a very unique space.

Several years ago we engaged John again to help update our Balboa Island house.  We were looking to escape the 15 year accumulation of shabby chic beach stuff and bring in a little more sophistication while still being appropriate for the location.  Again John worked directly with the contractors in redefining the master bedroom and bathroom, modifying the interior flooring, lighting, and stairwell and literally providing us with exactly what we wanted.

The end results are always rewarding and John makes the process an enjoyable one as well.”


Westwood, CA


“We chose John to help us for many reasons, not the least of which is that he is a good friend.  But, beyond that he has a great sense of color and style.  He works with his clients in a way that takes their style, interests and personalities into consideration, and then adds excitement to what may have been a good design, but he makes it great!  Our home reflects this process.  I would definitely recommend John to anyone with a sense of adventure in decorating!”


Laguna Beach, CA


“I have been living in a house designed and decorated by John Wallace Benecke for 17 years.  His decor and design is timeless; holding strong through the years.

What strikes me as John’s ability to execute the unexpected; the juxtaposed.  Turning the pattern on a fabric, using the contrasting color.  John can find the furniture element that sets of a room yet works perfectly with the theme; the accessory that stimulates.

John Wallace Benecke is the only designer I would use and trust for creating and inviting and comfortable environment.”

Susan Nelson

Balboa, CA


“I Love, Love, Love, John. He has decorated 2 of our most recent homes and will decorate any of our future homes . He listened to what I wanted, but continually presented ideas that I had not even though of. He is talented and inspired and very easy to work with. I love the way he staged our home. Instead of bringing in one piece at a time. He decorated the whole house . It was a wonderful surprise! The final result Magnificent! The best testament is I still love my home and I still love John and would use him again and again and again. He has also decorated my daughter apartment and our CDM boutique.”

Tamara Delano

“P.S My husband enjoyed working with John as much as I did.”

Newport Coast, CA


“John has an exceptional eye for color and a unique style.  I saw a house on a home tour in which color was used stunningly and requested the name of the designer, which turned out to be John Benecke.  We selected John as the designer when we built our home and appreciated his flawless taste and amiable personality.  He is a pleasure with which to work.  John knows exactly when to let the client’s views and individuality prevail and when to prevent the client from making design mistakes.”

Susan Thomas

Laguna Beach, CA