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Wall Art and Framing

Wall art is an incredibly subjective part of your home’s décor. When it comes to choosing wall art and framing, the phrase “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” certainly rings true. So is it wise to enlist the help of an interior designer when selecting wall art?

Here are some guidelines to consider:

It is important to have an interior designer you trust.

You don’t want just anyone choosing art for your home. JWB Interiors has been serving Southern California and the West Coast for over 30 years. In that time, expert designer John Benecke has developed a pristine reputation as an authority and leader in the interior design industry.

Your interior designer should take the time to get to know YOU.

A good interior designer does not design the home for themselves, but rather the home the client resides in. John Benecke takes the time to get to know you in person, listens to your dreams and vision for your home, your likes and dislikes. Combining your personal style and unique personality with your home’s architecture and design, along with his own expertise, John uses his extensive resources to locate wall art that will be perfect for you and your home.

Interior Design Accessories

Don’t think accessories are important? Think again! The proper accessories have the ability to pull a room together, giving it an overall compatibility and harmony. They are also ways to show off your own unique personality and flare!

Easily interchangeable and updated, finding great accessories art and display pieces for every season is an important way to add flavor to your home! It talks about you.

John Benecke knows where to find all the great accessories, and he will shop with just you and your home in mind.

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